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Yang Style 24 Form

The Yang style form is usually the first form taught to beginning students.  It is the easiest to learn, and also has many of the components found in all other forms. 

The 24 form is performed all over the world, by young and old alike.  Its benefits are well known, such as improved balance, increased oxygen levels, and lowered stress levels.

32 Movement Sword

The 32 Combinaton form was created for competition, as it combines forms from several different styles.  It is a very easy form to learn after learning the 24 form, as the movements are similar.  A smooth and concise sequence allows for flow and grace to emerge. 

23 george use.jpg
32 Soft Chen Style

The 32 Soft Chen Style is a unique form that has many styles incorporated in it.  Very angular movements, balance points, and moves toward 4 directions. 

A very beautiful form &  when performed in groups really displays expertise and coordination of movement.

This is a favorite in performances.

32 form edited.jpg
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