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Healing Services

Email to Register at

Some classes / services can be offered via Zoom, alternatively.

* Fees are negotiable on a sliding fee scale, we are here to help!  
Tai Chi Class

Beginner Tai Chi

Forms Offered:

  • 8 Form Yang Style

  • 24 Form Yang Style

  • QiGong Movements

For those who are new to tai chi, our beginner class offers great support for anyone that is interested in improving mobility, balance and muscle tone.  Please check calendar for dates/times - for now all Beginner classes are held at Local Senior Centers.

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Tai Chi

Forms Offered:

  • 24 Form Yang Style

  • 32 Sword Form

  • 32 Form Soft Chen

  • QiGong Movements

For those with experience in the 24 Form, or similar styles. We also spend time learning beginning 32 Competition Sword Form, and move into other styles as well.

Meditation Group

QiGong & Meditation

In this weekly class, you will gain mindfulness through movement as you connect with your mind, body, and spirit. Each meditation is intuitively curated to those who attend class.

Daytime class now forming for this Winter 2024

Drop-ins welcome - 45 Minutes - Zoom

Please email to register, minimum 3 participants

donations accepted

Meditation Class

Guided Meditation

Heartfelt guided meditation set to music, personally tailored to transport you to a peaceful and relaxed state.

drop ins welcome - 30 minutes

Zoom only - please email to register, min. 3 participants

group forming for Winter/Spring 2024 

donations accepted


Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a healing technique discovered by Dr. Mikau Usui. Today, this modality is largely used for stress reduction that promotes healing. Reiki balances the body's energy centers. (Chakras) This service includes chakra and aura clearing.  

30 minutes - $35.00

60 minutes - $70.00

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Private Instruction

Private or single instruction in Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword  or QiGong

Private instruction done on a single class basis. 

60 minute classes.  Call for Rates.

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